New York Medical Legal Case Consulting Services

Dr. David Friedman

In addition to active clinical medicine and some medical media participation over the years, I also offer assistance in clinical chart reviews, medical insurance utilization review assessments, as well as medical-legal pre-trial case consulting.

As an example, having seen patients with exacerbations of underlying medical and cardiac conditions in some way perhaps related to an automobile accident, and then being worked up from a cardiac perspective, I see how appropriate medical care record review and possibly higher case value might be relevant needs of patients.

Helping attorneys to get the appropriate medical treatment for their clients, I can offer medical file chart review as well as related research on medical reports to aid in better case value by reviewing clients’ medical case concerns and generating a summary medical report, thereby saving attorney time at a reasonable fee rate. 

For an above related medical-legal review request, please contact me.

All above purchases are final. Thank you.

This is technical information garnered over the years of practice and, in no way, shape, or form shall serve as medical advice. Please consult a licensed medical doctor or other qualified health care provider as per your individual circumstances or condition.