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For many people with possible or definite heart-related complaints, the expertise of a physician specialist in cardiology is vital for appropriate cardiovascular care.

Knowing how to reduce one's risk for heart disease is so important to communicate to our patients. Elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, tobacco use, high stress living, inadequate or poor physical aerobic exercise, excess weight, early familial heart disease, and raised blood levels of sugar are some of the well-known contributors to the increasing global concern of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke.

Many patients, together with their health care professionals, are working hard to improve these risk factors through direct patient-centered care and active cardiac research. However, much more can be done.

I offer a caring and comprehensive cardiac evaluation and want to help reduce YOUR risk for heart disease and appropriately manage your preexisting heart problems.

As a medical doctor and cardiologist, I’ve been trained to use the skills of patient history taking, the performance of a relevant and clinical medical exam, as well as electrocardiographic (ECG), echocardiographic (Echo), and, where appropriately indicated, cardiac computed tomographic interpretation (Cardiac CTA and coronary calcium score). –All with a great bedside manner.

David FriedmanI also have training in performing, interpreting and advising patients on exercise stress testing, cardiac nuclear perfusion imaging, ambulatory holter monitoring, as well as integrative cardiovascular nutritional and holistic heart health for added prevention.

Our offices in Garden City and Valley Stream, Long Island NY offer a wide spectrum of heart evaluations in a patient friendly environment.

David A. Friedman, MD, FACC, FASE, FASNC, FACP; Director, Heart Failure Services
LIJ Valley Stream Hospital-Northwell Health

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